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Posted by admin | Cheaters | Sunday 1 August 2010 8:23 pm

From :Jackie O

TE Admin Support

I’m seeing more and more TEs that are not being aggressive enough in catching cheaters. I see cheaters names in top surfers lists & various winners lists, not to mention I can tell just by surfing your TE if you’ve got cheaters. My list of TEs that I feel comfortable buying credits from is getting smaller and smaller. :?

These people are stealing from you and your members. You need to suspend/ban these scumbags! Don’t contact them, don’t ask them, just get rid of them! I guarantee you 99% of them will NEVER ask you why they got suspended because they KNOW they’ve been caught.

There are a lot of cheaters that are NOT top surfers…..many of them fly under the radar, so you can’t just go by your top surfers list.
And if they’re cheating another TE, they are cheating yours….whether they surf 20 pages or 2000.

And you can’t always go by the IPs or names…..a lot of them have gotten clever and use USA IPs or names to try to disguise themselves.

Look at the sites they advertise…you’ll see a pattern…..they leave a very obvious “calling card” by the types of sites they promote.

The KRM team spends literally HOURS a day looking for cheaters….and that’s on TOP of the various automatic cheat detection that our wonderful Techy Tim has for us. :)

So, in an effort to cast a wider net in the TE industry, I’ve compiled a list of the most recent cheaters we’ve caught. These have all been found to be cheating in one way or another…either by being surf bots, using software to not display the sites, having multiple accounts, signing up for a new account after getting suspended, etc. I didn’t include IPs because they are changing them all the time. This should help give you a head start:

123321luo 123321luo@gmail.com
2131234 2432@gmail.com
9313135 reftomail@gmail.com
aabbccdd 256@gmail.com
abcd520 isfangfang@gmail.com
abcdpeng linxiaopeng@hotmail.com
abcdred fdsa@gmail.com
abostere abostere@gmail.com
adtocpm adtocpm@hotmail.com
aghlove aghlove@gmail.com
aicpz7167 aicpz7167@gmail.com
alexanderoat alexanderoat@gmail.com
aotqmbl7 aotqmbl7@gmail.com
as89587 as89587@gmail.com
asusp2bf asusp2bf@gmail.com
banyeqing banyeqing@gmail.com
biyuezh biyuezh@gmail.com
blackyami01 blackyami01@yahoo.com
blogkeremre blogkeremre@gmail.com
boeiuse boeiuse@hotmail.com
bolgterie bolgterie@gmail.com
cash88 cash@getpay.net.ru
cchoudai cchoudai@gmail.com
ChaoW ChaoW@gmail.com
chifagui chifagui@gmail.com
chumaoma chumaoma@gmail.com
cnplove cnplove@gmail.com
coloeryer coloeryer@gmail.com
cravihere geetharticle@gmail.com
dalipeng dalipeng@gmail.com
damaloge34 damaloge34@gmail.com
ddrpts ddrpts@gmail.com
ddsffa 5centminimum@gmail.com
dgdgwp dgdgwp@gmail.com
dikpran dikpran@gmail.com
dildil dr_simran_uk_26@yahoo.co.uk
dolphsurfer dolphsurfer@gmail.com
dolyeryber dolyeryber@gmail.com
donlajohns donlajohns@gmail.com
dreamcot dreamcot@gmail.com
dxban78 dxban78@gmail.com
ecwayghj ecwayghj@gmail.com
effectioner effectioner@gmail.com
engdanle engdanle@gmail.com
evtanprg evtanprg@gmail.com
fellnet fellednet@gmail.com
ffggp69 ffggp69@gmail.com
foma keith@fomayoga.com
foxhits foxhits@gmail.com
fuckyou deathvirusxp@googlemail.com
fujiline834 fujiline834@gmail.com
fxnyahr fxnyahr04@gmail.com
gaoliuche gaoliuche@gmail.com
geetharticle cravihere@gmail.com
genxin dingenxin@gmail.com
gfdds yu43po@gmail.com
goglekoole goglekoole@gmail.com
goodchangetoall goodchangetoall@gmail.com
guanximen guanximen@gmail.com
gushangzhao gushangzhao@gmail.com
gxdeak gxdeak@gmail.com
hanguo hanguotovpn@gmail.com
haozqi haozqi@gmail.com
hezic116 hezic116@gmail.com
hhir h_wh@yahoo.com
hongkei hongkei@live.com
ilielieo ilielieo@live.com
isabel zhulinisabel@gmail.com
jackfeihua jackfeihua@gmail.com
james99 zaoxiaodong@gmail.com
jb93721 jb93721@gmail.com
jennysener jennysener@gmail.com
jiawuny8 jiawuny8@gmail.com
jipingrens jipingrens@hotmail.com
jongseone jongseone@hotmail.com
Jordan_Chuang Jordan_Chuang@gmail.com
jtepn3614 jtepn3614@gmail.com
jwwxdgy73 jwwxdgy73@gmail.com
kaleour kaleour@live.com
kathieahart kathieahart@gmail.com
kgw259 kgw259@gmail.com
Kiddy Kiddy_Wang@gmail.com
Kimwang Kimwang@gmail.com
kulimane kulimane@hotmail.com
lhua94 lhua94@gmail.com
Liboicl Inuyasha@usa.com
lojiese lojiese@hotmail.com
loliearn loli.earn@gmail.com
lomioe lomioe@live.com
Ludwig Rhys mcqlw0154@gmail.com
lujunri lujunri@gmail.com
madsir madsir@live.com
malis66 quarles.judith876@gmail.com
meibaojiu meibaojiu@gmail.com
mmssidii mmssidi@gmail.com
monince tianmujiang@gmail.com
mytraffic88 mytraffic88@gmail.com
ngayfei ngayfei@gmail.com
nooaoue nooaoue@live.com
okyan xpyan5@gmail.com
paozitou paozitou@gmail.com
paydot zhmenjaj@gmail.com
Phoo0971 Phoo0971@gmail.com
piijiaa piijiaa@gmail.com
pspphp pspphp@gmail.com
pubuyu pubuyu@gmail.com
qqsyq freefcashmoney@gmail.com
qvkdeioi qvkdeioi@gmail.com
scice scice139@gmail.com
shelingou shelingou@gmail.com
skylover skylover@gmail.com
snowdu blue@snowdu.com
splaser aiqingbuke@gmail.com
splash_boy splash_boy@gmail.com
Spunkle b1862882@uggsrock.com
stdws stsurf88@gmail.com
stoix sckaning@gmai.com
tianzimo qinliguo1980@gmail.com
tiregers tiregers@live.com
tophost tophost@hotmail.com
Traffic_boy Traffic_boy@gmail.com
traffic1st traffic1st@gmail.com
traffic991 traffic991@gmail.com
txc8932 txc8932@yahoo.com
uulubi uulubi@gmail.com
verser verser@yahoo.com
washont washont@live.com
wbmy365 wbmy365@gmail.com
weiisen weiisen@gmail.com
weijia weijia990620@gmail.com
whuan889 whuan889@gmail.com
wilson wilson9808@gmail.com
wulongyu wulongyu@live.com
wuqingqingren wuqingqingren@gmail.com
ww471625 ww471625@gmail.com
xiaohc xiaohuangcai@gmail.com
xqj72 xqj72@21cn.com
xtu jackshong@gmail.com
yamaogo yamaogo@live.com
ycs1976 ycs1976@gmail.com
yduis6554 yduis6554@gmail.com
youpan216 youpan216@gmail.com
Yourhjj Yourhjj@gmail.com
yu4393 dkzhyo@gmail.com
zhangh622 zhangh622@gmail.com
zhutou zhutou@gmail.com
zone zone899@gmail.com
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  1. Comment by admin — August 25, 2010 @ 12:45 pm

    Thank You Jackie O.

    Now if we could just get ALL the TE Owners to comply by going thru their list and deleting all these offenders, we would have a CLEAN AND SAFE TRAFFIC EXCHANGE Industry again. We at Leader EXchange.net are doing our ut-most to comply. Just deleted 2 from ours, and are keeping a watchful Eye out daily.
    As of tomorrow we will have it right on our Front Page, that we are no longer accepting people from China.
    Those who are honest and happen to live in China, can always contact us. Our Phone Number is right on the front page.

    Lets all work together on this and make our Traffic Exchanges the best and most enjoyable for all our loyal members. 🙂


  2. Comment by Luz Yantis — June 27, 2011 @ 2:48 am

    Thank you, Jackie. We’ve added all of the above addresses to our email ban list at MobsterHits.com I’m sure there are a lot more since you published this and many more at other TEs that need to be recorded. It would be great if there was a universal database of banned email addresses by TE owners and a way to add them in bulk to all of our TE email ban lists. I found this site by doing a Google search on an email address of one of our members whom we suspected was using a bot. This confirms it.
    Thank you again. Keep up the good work!


  3. Comment by Michael Champion — August 11, 2012 @ 8:22 pm

    Hello Everyone,

    I have an update of 2 more cheaters that we found all using the same paypal e-mail addresses, I will include the paypal email addresses here as well as what e-mail address they used to sign up with, I hope this will help:

    p.eva2005@gmail.com paypal account


    The above 3 e-mails are the e-mails they used to sign up and are all associated with that paypal account, here comes the next round:

    aaziz9779@gmail.com 2nd paypal addy


    The above 3 e-mails are the e-mails they used to sign up and are all associated with that paypal account.

    I hope this helps everyone as I believe we should all stick together as T.E. Owners, Co-Owners & Admin.

    Have a great night,

    Your friend in success,

    Michael Champion

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