Traffic Exchange OTO’s

Posted by admin | Pet Peeves | Friday 27 August 2010 7:45 pm

Traffic Exchange OTO’s

Have you ever gone shopping for a car and not

test drive the one you wanted before you bought it ?

Are you the type of person who tastes the grape

at the grocery store before you buy them ?

Have you ever signed up at a traffic exchange

because it had a cool name or an extremely powerful up sell .

Then when you log in for the first time

you get bombarded with 2 or 3 or even 4

one time offers without even getting to see

what the TE really has to offer.

No offense but when this happens to me

I find the delete account button as fast as possible.

These traffic exchange owners have to realize that

without the customer they have no business.

They should concentrate on providing a value

for their members dollars. Prove to them that they are worth

investing in, then give them the one time offers

after their third or fourth visit.

My Pet Peeve

Ron Fender

aka Leaderco

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  1. Comment by Anthony Maro — September 15, 2010 @ 5:37 pm

    I so agree Ron,
    Everyone has something to sell,and this is without a doubt a car salesmen technique. Many owners today have taken alot of the fun out of surfing. Use to be you enjoyed surfing nowadys its more of a drain on ones energy and mood. Thats why I am looking for ways to bring the fun back to the industry while encouraging education and retention.

  2. Comment by Shawn Mackey — November 16, 2010 @ 7:35 pm

    There are a few traffic exchanges out there that don’t hit you with the OTO. I have found Hitsboosterpro to be this way. I have yet to see an OTO at this site. Also, at High-Hits there is a small offer for upgrade on after the log in page, but not the typical OTO many have been bombarded with from the beginning.

    Now, with that being said, I was first annoyed by the OTO, especially the two or three OTO’s that kept going down in price. I often felt like I was haggling with someone in Tijuana where they start high and end really low to make a buck. However, I have become used to it, and often look forward to the offers I can afford and am willing to purchase.

    Traffic exchanges, in my opinion, do offer some for the better advertising rates on the internet. While many users surf strictly for credits and don’t take the time to look at sites, these individuals are also what I like to refer to as the tire-kickers. They are free members who surf for whatever reasons. I firmly believe that true internet marketers do go to traffic exchanges as their first source to find new programs or offers, and many join the programs of interest. I have two traffic exchanges that are in their infancy and neither has the typical OTO, and the one that does is just an opportunity to save 50% on a yearly membership and it is set up as a true OTO. Members will only see it once and it is gone.

    I do not have fifteen different OTO’s and I do get annoyed by those, but again, I have come to know the ones where this will happen and really only go to them when I want to ‘rotate’ the OTO’s until I get the cheap offer I like!

    Shawn Mackey

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