Perils of TE Owners in Todays Industry

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OR– The Rantings of Ron

Here it is the middle of 2012 with some very hard Business choices to make.


I will start with Ventrino as it seems their script is being shunned by too many surfers.

My Dilemma: Do I abandon a script with only support from others Ventrino owners

and adopt the LFMTE script only to be under the whims of  its owners.

Hmm–Real tough choice.  Leave the ‘vanilla script’ for another ‘vanilla script with a few toppings’.

Any Insight can be left in the comments section.


Stickers v Badges

Next I would address the BIG ISSUE:

What is a TE owner to do.  We run a Global Business and consider ourselves to be like Switzerland-Neutral

But here is the TRUTH.

If you choose Badges then all the sticker people hate you.

If you choose Stickers then all the badge people hate you.

And if by some miracle you can manage to get both then you alienate most of your membership.

Of course you can go without either but you give up the opportunity to build a decent business

with no chance for improvements for your members.

WE DID NOT START THIS WAR but we sure are stuck in the middle of it.

CMON People, lets get it together

and be one Happy Global Community.




Why does every other owner or admin over 50

seem to be the Messiah of  ‘Credit Inventory’

I have not let them see my admin area and never will.

It seems to me that my method of  ‘Credit Inventory’  is working for me

and they should back off with the lectures when they can’t see my whole picture.

You don’t need to be greedy with your inventory

if you work your system properly.



Ronald Fender

Master Carpenter

Independent Contractor

TE Owner

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  1. Comment by Catherine White — August 4, 2012 @ 7:08 pm

    Scripts – No matter what script you choose, you will need a programmer on stand by to fix problems. It seems to me the designers of any script frown on custom programming and do what they can to discourage it. Thus, the formation of so many cookie-cutter exchanges.

    Stickers vs Badges – As you know, I have a very strong opinion on this topic. It seems a line was drawn in the sand, not by traffic exchange owners, but by a particular company which offers one of these services. The you are with me or you are against me mentality seems to be spouted by only one of these companies. After being called a “back stabber”, for offering an alternative product to our members, you bet ya I felt backed in a corner and broken.

    The motto of being “like Switzerland-Neutral” is no longer viable when you see a company bashing others and removing products, downlines, and life time memberships for no other reason than offering a competitive service. The continuation of purchasing products and services from any company which would treat customers like dirt is a Major part of the problem.

    Inventory – You are correct, no one sees the back side of your company but you. If you feel your site is moving in the right direction, more power to you.

  2. Comment by Quentin Fogal — December 29, 2013 @ 7:27 pm

    Yes i agree with all the above statements as well.

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